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Online Training Courses

This page gives you an idea of the programmes Paul Archer runs online

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Equipment Requirements

Paul runs live online courses every week and naturally has the equipment to do this in his studio. If you're thinking of attending one of Paul's online workshops, you need to consider the right material to gain the best experience. Here are Paul's recommendations:

Individual Participants

  1. Capable PC or laptop - you don't need a high-end piece of kit, most will do the job nowadays. Skype for Business is not the consumer Skype - it is a more capable business-grade software that will require a small software add-on so check with your company if it's not your laptop, that you can add software.

  2. WiFi - home or office WiFi is good; coffee shop or hotel not so reliable.

  3. Webcam unless this is built into your laptop otherwise you won't be able to appear on screen yourself

  4. Speakers unless built into your laptop otherwise you will not be able to hear Paul and the others

  5. Microphone unless built in also otherwise you will not be able to speak

  6. You can buy a headset for £20 which combines a microphone and speakers

  7. A tablet will work, much like a laptop, but a smaller screen

  8. A Smartphone is a real no-no; the screen is too small to be able to interact and see the visuals and the video of Paul speaking and presenting. You'll need to download an app to participate.


Paul often runs online courses for groups who are all in the same room, usually around a boardroom table. For this to work you need:

  1. Fast WiFi

  2. A good sized TV screen on the wall connected to a PC

  3. A Skype Room System such as Microsoft Surface Hub might be a good option

  4. Alternatively a remote camera would work ideally with a lens capable of picking up everyone in the room connected to the PC

  5. A group microphone and speakers would also be needed to be connected to the PC