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In House Trainings and Workshops

This page gives you an idea of the programmes we can run in your premises.

It's split into 2 categories:

  1. Off the Shelf Programmes
  2. Bespoke Programmes

Off the Shelf Programmes

If your need is relatively standard and you want to keep design costs to the minimum but still get first class training, you might want to choose one of our "off the shelf" programmes.

Here you'll find a selection of our "off the shelf" programmes we've been running for clients over the last 20 years.

Remember, a good trainer will still research the audience and tailor the programme for the group's needs both before and during the workshop.

Click on the title to download a PDF One Pager of the workshop.

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Bespoke Programmes

Off the Shelf" packages are all well and good but sometimes your development needs are totally unique to you. In fact, your people are distinctive and your product and service too. Your terminology, your values, your processes are all exclusive to you so should your training and development programmes you give to your people.

This is why many clients choose a bespoke training solution.

We'll sit down with you to assess your performance need. We discuss your needs, your culture, your people, your aims, your budget, your evaluation aims, your measurement metrics - that way everything about the programme becomes exclusive to you.

We design the "bones" of the training programme and then sit down with you again to agree this - that way you know that the final material will be just what you want.

We then design the full programme and have this agreed with you before we run a pilot or roll it out to your audience. Afterwards see what results we get as a consequence of the training. Have your people's behaviour changed? Are they doing things differently, have you reached the metrics?

Everything is tailored, even down to the support material. If your people looked at this they would see your company embedded into it. We don't have big glossy folder with our names stamped all over - we have your name and logo, after all you commissioned it.

And it's not that expensive. You'll receive value for your investment and that's really important to us. You'll get results.

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