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One to One Coaching

Having a personal sales coach helps sales people prepare better ways to deal with all of the obstacles faced in their day to day work, improves revenue, profit, job satisfaction, standing, and career progression.

Have a coach play the part of your customer. Try out conversations, phrases, presentations in a safe environment and get instant objective feedback.

A coach brings extensive personal sales experience, sales training role play skills, and the learning from many sales assessments to the table.

Sales coaching increases people's confidence for handling difficult customer issues.

Have a coach help sales people set themselves worthwhile goals and objectives then act as a conscience and mirror, to help them get things done.

Have a coach use our extensive sales training material to introduce best practice techniques and methods.

Try 'in call' telephone listening or 'in meeting' observation. Benefit from independent, non judgemental objective feedback. The coach is on the sales person's side. Sales coaching provides an invaluable fly on the wall perspective that fosters rapid learning.

Remote one to one sales coaching

Remote coaching takes place via a telephone conversation or in a virtual online environment. Fees are £99 pus VAT for sessions lasting up to 60 minutes. Book a series of five sessions for a 20% saving.

Telephone +44 (0)1452 730276 or email Paul Archer to fix up a complimentary call.

Face to face sales coaching

Arrange in-person coaching. Sessions last up to two hours and usually take place at a mutually convenient location within an hour’s travel. Fees up to £295 for meetings in the Gloucestershire, Bristol, Birmingham area.

Or come to our Boardroom just north of Gloucester for face to face sales coaching.

If you need to increase sales performance for yourself or a team and would like to explore sales coaching as a means to achieve your purpose, we can help. Telephone +44 (0)7702 341769. We will be pleased to discuss your needs or talk through the options.

How to pay

If you are booking a 1 hour session or our series of 5 sessions for your 20% discount, use the box below to make payment