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Train the Online Trainer of the 21st Century - Public Live Online Workshop


Next Online Workshop

8th, 15th, 22nd April 2021

Day One - How to Present Naturally Online

Day One of our Train the Online Trainer of the 21st Century involves presenting online and being comfortable on camera

Paul’s first online day aims to help you become a natural online presenter. Building on his experience of professional speaking in the real world plus online presenting over the last decade, he’s able to coach and guide you to become the best you can.

Presenting online has today become the number one skill required of salespeople, managers, customer service people and many other knowledge workers. Whether you are based at home or in office, the professional and relaxed use of online software to present yourself, cannot be underestimated.

The workshop will show you how to livestream, how to present with your image as the only asset on the screen, how to engage an audience, the use of facial and body language, eye contact, movement and gestures.

We’ll examine online webinars with the advanced use of PowerPoint or backgrounds to illuminate your topic, how to engage with the modern audience to maintain their attention and interest.

Numbers are limited to six per workshop so you’ll have the opportunity to present three times, to receive coaching and to watch your recording to cement the feedback.

The workshop consists of eight modules separated with 10 to 15-minute breaks.

  • Module One – intros benefits objectives. Your chance to introduce yourself for three minutes on camera spotlighting your image. 5-minute presentation preparation
  • Module Two – 5 minutes each on-screen followed by the viewing of clips.
  • Module Three – Paul’s demo of online presenting skills and unpacking. Zoom Zone, body language, facial use, gestures, vocal control, audience involvement, eye contact. Standing and movement v sitting. Speed and energy.
  • Module Four – Group discussion. Learnings and changes to presentation work style. Keeps and changes. Preparation for a more extended session this afternoon. How to work alongside PowerPoint or visual backgrounds. The design and use of visual aids when presenting online. Critical tips for using PowerPoint. Livestreaming v webinar presenting, taking questions. Q&A’s. Your background v Green Screen.
  • Module Five – Preparation for a longer session to be recorded.
  • Module Six and Seven – 5 to 10-minute presentations followed by coaching and viewing of recording.
  • Module Eight – Wrap up and Learnings

Day Two - Modern Online Training Design

Day Two of our Train the Online Trainer of the 21st Century involves training design methodologies and development options – both Synchronous and Asynchronous

Designed and run by Paul Archer, experienced and practical corporate trainer with over 25 years design and delivery knowhow.

The workshop will take your team through solid design principles that are fit for the second decade of the 21st Century taking into account the latest ideas around adult learning, learning styles and design principles

Paul will take you through his innovative “Performance Analysis” concept to ensure the right training is delivered that will increase the performance of the learners in the workplace.

A trainer’s holy grail – Return on Investment

Gamification ideas are covered using case studies from industry leading teams who have transformed their corporate training divisions.

Plus ideas and tips around digital learning which will eliminate forever page turn eLearning. Video, webinars and other online delivery methods.

Finally an introduction to Paul’s Trainer’s Toolbox © guaranteed to ensure you design innovative, variable and engaging online learning activities.

The workshop consists of eight modules separated with 10 to 15-minute breaks.

  • Module One – the Modern Training Cycle, VARK Learning Styles. Training Design Methodology – introduce Learning Design exercise.
  • Module Two - Learning Design Presentations
  • Module Three - Performance Analysis – Entry – Determining your performance problem, Return on Investment and Evaluation, Performance Analysis - Flowchart and exercise
  • Module Four - Performance Objectives, Exercise – Writing Performance Objectives. Developing Lesson Plans.
  • Module Five - Gamification in Modern Training. Asynchronous v Synchronous, Design. Digital Learning Methods, Livestreaming, Trainers Video, podcasts, Screen casting, Cartooning, PDFs, eLearning and CCAF – Context, Challenge, Activities, Feedback. LMS and course platforms
  • Module Six – Preparation for design and developing a Training Need (entry, validation measures, Performance Analysis, design methodology to use, design only, no developing)
  • Module Seven - Participant Presentations and Coaching
  • Module Eight - Review and Action Plans

Day Three - Engaging Online Training Delivery

Day Three of Train the Online Trainer of the 21st Century involves live synchronous delivery with an emphasis on involvement and engagement

Modern trainers whether corporate or freelance, are expected to be able to deliver online interactive workshops. Not the dull listless webinars with PowerPoints and droning voices but fully immersive and interactive course conducted online.

This programme shows you how and utilises Paul’s success in delivering these workshops for clients over the last few years. Paul shares all his tips and techniques.

Paul runs a myriad of online workshops from his purpose built Tivoli Studios in Cheltenham. A maximum of six people can make it on the workshop and they must be equipped with a PC or laptop that has a webcam and microphone either built in or attached. You need to be able to download a little bit of software for Zoom to operate but this is free.

Paul facilitates it all from his studios. You’ll be talking to each other, asking questions, watching Paul present and enjoying group exercises and discussions.

The day is split into modules and run in 45 minute bursts divided by 10 to 15 minute breaks (online learning requires more breaks).

The emphasis of the day is to show how to run various tools from the Trainer’s Toolbox of interactive methods.

  • Module One - Q&A on the setup, equipment and software. Presenting standing and sitting on webcam and using Whiteboard, infographics, mind mapping.
  • Module Two – Running Group Discussions, encouraging attendee questions, brainstorms
  • Module Three – PowerPoint Presentations, Video Clips, web searching, screen sharing, handouts
  • Module Four – Running quizzes and multichoice tests and interactive knowledge games
  • Module Five – Facilitating Syndicate Exercises, using breakout room facilities on Zoom, running role play and forum theatre activities.
  • Module Six – Designing and developing 15 minute sessions to be delivered in module seven
  • Module Seven – Live attendee sessions followed by coaching and feedback
  • Module Eight – Reviewing learnings and actions

Who Should Attend?

Trainers relatively new to their role or experienced trainers wishing to pick up on some new ideas and to hone their skills in the 21st, wher ethe vast majority of workplace training and development will occur in the future.

Paul Delivering Online Workshops



What's the Investment?

£595 plus VAT per delegate, which includes:

  • 3 days online training and all materials 
  • Tips for Presenters MP3 files. 21 files for you to enjoy on your iPod or MP3 Player worth £10.
  • A complete MP3 collection of the Train Trainer material
  • Signed copy of Paul's book - Train the Trainer of the 21st Century

Do book early as we're limiting the number of delegates to 6 per course to ensure maximum learning.


How to Enrol On Line

  1. Confirm there are some spaces left by texing Paul on 07702 341769 or emailing Paul for a quick response by clicking here.  Remember we have a maximum policy of 6 delegates.

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  3. Enrol using the secure arrangements below, using your debit or credit card. Click the box below and follow the instructions to pay on line.

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If you want more information, email or telephone Paul Archer on 07702 341769 (mobile) or the office on 01242 236662 but beware, Paul is highly digital and rarely uses the phone - email is the best way to contact him.