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Mortgage Adviser Development Programme


The Challenge for Mortgage Firms

You may be a mortgage adviser relatively new to the business or the boss who runs a team of mortgage advisers.

You have a need or a duty to upskill your new advisers so they can perform to their best ability and remain compliant and productive. Possibly these get in the way:

  • You have little time to provide structured training
  • You don't have any expertise to deliver an in-depth training programme or your skills best lie in running the business
  • You're time is spent with clients, often the high net-worth types who are profitable for the firm.
  • You prefer to lead from the front and provide business ideas, motivation and encouragement for your new people

You have compliance people to handle the necessities of regulation and compliance training. Still, they may be hampered by the following:

  • A heavily burdensome span of control. Too many new advisers to look after.
  • Not being a skilled financial adviser able to give sales ideas or impart soft skills.
  • Being too focused on risk and compliance to be able to talk about advisor skills.

Your team may be widely dispersed, possibly working hybrid based at home, so you don't get to see them as much as you want. Their skills vary widely, and their experience is diverse amongst the team.

Above all, you want to up-skill your adviser team because it's how you work and the right thing to do. So here's the answer.

Paul Archer's Mortgage Adviser Development Programme

Join Paul Archer, mortgage adviser, manager and sales trainer since 1983, as he teaches this comprehensive course designed for the new mortgage adviser, recently qualified technically, who wants to thrive in an employed or self-employed position.

Paul and his team have spent the last five years creating this course. Paul has spent many hours in the film studio and in post-production to produce a first-class unique online video course on mortgage advisory skills.

The on-demand course is structured, logical and contemporary. Fit for purpose post-pandemic in a very different world. The programme is video-based, supported by assignments and PDFs of chapters from Paul's book "Mortgage Advising – the New Rules."

You'll have Paul personally present to you in the videos sharing his expertise and experience in the mortgage and financial services world.

Over 40 hours of Video spread strategically over 12 weeks to give you shape and direction. You can take 12 weeks or shorter if you wish. However, the course works best when you're going through "on-the-job" training with your firm, seeing clients under the full supervision of others. That way, you can apply everything you learn.

The programme is entirely up to date for the current mortgage and protection space. Using social media, video advising, chatGPT, modern sourcing systems and IT to do the heavy lifting. The emphasis is "Martin Lewis" type soft skills, in other words relating to clients, building trust and being able to communicate to anyone, whatever age or creed.

It's fully CPD'able, even though you don't need to do this since you're going through your initial training to achieve Competent Adviser Status.

You're not working alone when you take this course; Paul is available to help as a personal coach for one live, face-to-face 45-minute Zoom Coaching Session, details on enrolment.

Watch the Video Below to Hear What Paul has to Say

How does it work?

You gain access to our exclusive learning portal as soon as you enrol individually or as a team of advisers. The course is available on any internet device – a phone, laptop, tablet, PC even a smart TV.

You can attend the course anytime to suit you anywhere – at home or work. It cleverly allows you to continue where you left off, like watching catch-ups of Friends on Netflix.

The default option is a 12-week duration. Each week you engage with a section of the course, consuming recorded Livestream videos with an assignment. Then a series of smaller videos covering various topics around the week's theme. PDFs of Paul's book are made available covering the same issues.


Detailed Content

Programme Introduction

  • An Introduction to Your Sales Coach - Paul Archer
  • Paul Archer's Mortgage Insights - Weekly Podcasts
  • Paul Explains the 12-Week Sprint
  • Live 1:1 Coaching Session

Week One - Setting Achievement Goals for Your Mortgage Business and Mastering your Inner Game

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week One
  • Setting Achievement Goals for Your Mortgage Business - Livestream
  • Reading - Setting Achievement Goals
  • Reading - Mastering the Inner Game - Book Excerpt

Week One - Further Videos - Mastering the Inner Game of Advising

  • The Modern Buying Process
  • Coach Financial Advice Don't Tell
  • The Danger of Limiting Beliefs
  • UFOs and Limiting Beliefs
  • Question Away Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Building Resilience
  • State of Mind - Are you in the Zone?
  • Controlling Your State of Mind
  • Jose Mourinho and Pressure
  • What's Your Resting Face
  • How to Have a Positive Attitude
  • 6 Inner Game Challenges to Improve Adviser Performance
  • Taking the MIC in a Downturn

Week Two - Influencing Your Mortgage Clients

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Two
  • Influencing Your Client's Livestream
  • Social Styles Colours - Questionnaire
  • Reading - Influencing Your Mortgage Clients
  • Reading - Advising to the Generations - Matures, Boomers, X, and Y

Week Two - Further Videos - Customer's Needs, Wants and Motivation – Colour Social Styles

  • Helping Customers to Buy
  • WIIFM and Influencing
  • The Secret to Influencing
  • Colour Social Styles - Personal Needs of Customers
  • Colour Social Styles - Recognising Customers
  • Colour Social Styles - Influencing Techniques with Each Colour
  • Colour Social Styles - A Personal Action Plan

Week Three - Advising via Live Video

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Three
  • Running Virtual Sales Meetings with Clients - Livestream
  • How to Read Customers on Video - Livestream
  • Reading - Advising Via Live Video
  • Reading - How to Read Body Language on Video

Week Three - Further Videos - Online Presenting Skills

  • Video Communication Has Come of Age – What are the Implications for You?
  • Your Online Sales Process
  • Your Professional In-Home Studio
  • Competent with Video Technology
  • The Magnificent Seven Virtual Selling Tech Needs – Part One
  • The Magnificent Seven Virtual Selling Tech Needs – Part Two
  • The Magnificent Seven Virtual Selling Tech Needs – Part Three
  • How to Ensure Your Customer Appears on Camera
  • How to Start an Online Meeting
  • How to Factfind Online on Video
  • Online Video Selling Skills
  • How to Raise the Bar When Selling on Video
  • Sales Presentation Visual Aids
  • Using PowerPoint With Online Video Selling

Week Four - Social Selling - Gaining Clients from the Internet

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Four
  • Social Selling Masterclass - Livestream
  • Pipeline Management Funnel Image
  • Hosting and Running Online Seminars - Livestream
  • Reading - Social Selling and Incubating Clients

Week Four - Further Videos - Building and Maintaining Your Client Base

  • Dangers of the Path of Least Resistance
  • The 60 20 20 Rule - Where Prospecting Fits
  • A Marketing Overview – Start to Finish
  • 4 Methods of Client Acquisition
  • The Inner Game of Referrals
  • How to Promote Without the Boast
  • A Quick Referral Technique
  • How to Achieve a 100% Referral Business
  • The Stepping Stones Technique of Referrals
  • The Mortgage Capacity Report
  • Securing Business From Google
  • Make Your Advice Appear Scarce
  • Questions to Reveal Your True Value Proposition
  • Incubating Your Prospects
  • Preparing to Make the Calls – Your Motivation
  • Golden Rules for Making Appointment Calls
  • Appointment Call Structure
  • Email Prospecting – The Magic Email
  • Tending to Your Prospecting
  • The Trust Trick
  • Reminder on Trusts and Life Assurance
  • Using Old Fashioned Mail Successfully
  • Buying Mortgage Leads Online
  • Energising Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Your LinkedIn Social Selling Index SSI
  • Lead Generation with Facebook Business Pages
  • How to do Personal Marketing in a Recession
  • How to Distinguish Yourself from the Crowd
  • End of Tax Year Client Reviews for Mortgage Advisers

Week Five - Gaining Referrals

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Five
  • Gaining Referrals - Livestream
  • Read - The Definitive Guide to Referrals for Advisers

Week Five - Further Videos - Advising Foundations

  • The Trusted Adviser
  • Seeking Common Ground
  • Showing Your Intent
  • Demonstrating Your Competency
  • How to Further Show Your Credibility
  • Summary of the Three Secrets to Trust
  • A Contemporary View on Trust

Week Six - Fixing Appointments from Leads

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Six
  • Fixing Appointments from Leads - Livestream
  • Read - Fixing Appointments from Leads

Week Seven - Your Sales Process and the 15-Minute Discovery Call

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Seven
  • Your Sales Process and the 15-Minute Discovery Call
  • The 15-Minute Mortgage Discovery Call and the 3 Secrets to Trust - Live Session for Society of Mortgage Professionals
  • Read - The 15-Minute Discovery Call - Book Excerpt

Week Seven - Further Videos – More Advising Foundations

  • Building Rapport in the First 15 Minutes
  • The 90:90 Rule and the Halo Effect
  • Michael Caine and Confidence
  • The Seven Secrets to a Great First Impression
  • How to Create a Personal Brand for Mortgage Advisers
  • Whole Part Whole - How to Sell a Full Service to Clients
  • The Mortgage Adviser Value Proposition
  • To Fee or Not to Fee - That is the Question
  • Handling the Fee Conversation
  • Skills Required to Have an Effective Fee Conversation

Week Eight - The "How Much Can I Borrow" Meeting

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Eight
  • The "How Much Can I Borrow" Meeting
  • Read - The How Much Can I Borrow Meeting - Book Excerpt
  • Week Nine - Conversational Factfinding
  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Nine
  • "Conversational Factfinding" - Livestream Recording
  • Combined Mortgage and Protection Factfind
  • Read - The Conversational Factfind

Week Nine - Further Videos - Exploring Customer Needs

  • What do Clients Want?
  • Coaching Mortgage Advice as a Philosophy
  • Modern Factfinding - Part One - The Factfind Infographic
  • Modern Factfinding - Part Two - The Lifeline
  • Modern Factfinding - Part Three - The Protection Discussion
  • How to Advise a Mortgage
  • Types of Questions to use in Factfinding
  • Power Questioning
  • Sugar Coating Your Questioning
  • What to Avoid When Asking Questions
  • Eliciting Hard Facts
  • Coaching the Gaps
  • Three Levels of Listening
  • 5 Listening Diseases and Cures
  • Away From Customer Motivation
  • Towards Customer Motivation
  • Customer Attention Spans
  • Final Tips for a Conversational factfind
  • Ten Tips for Effective Factfinding

Week Ten - The 6 Ingredients to Gaining Commitment

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Ten
  • The 6 Ingredients to Gaining Commitment - Livestream
  • Read - Handling Mortgage Objections - the Modern Way
  • Week Ten – Further Videos - Gaining Commitment
  • Your Greatest Threat is...
  • Locking in the Customer
  • Do You Have an Allergy to "No"?
  • Pre-Framing Customer Reservations
  • Provocative Objection Handling
  • Handling the Mortgage Price Objection
  • Buying Signals and Body Language
  • Calibrate Your Customer
  • Closing Skills
  • How to Close like the WHO
  • 5 Closing Techniques
  • LAPAC Concern Handling
  • Has Your Client a KOB on?
  • More on Customer Reservations
  • Buying Signals on Video - Using Verbal Signals

Week Ten - Further Videos - Presenting Your Package of Advice

  • Presenting your Solution
  • How to Secure Chargeable On-going Advice

Week Eleven - Protection Selling Masterclass

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Eleven
  • Protection Selling Masterclass - Livestream
  • Read - The Definitive Protection Selling Dossier - Book Excerpt

Week Eleven - Further Videos - Protection Selling Skills

  • How to Sell Protection - an Infographic Blueprint
  • Modern Factfinding - The Lifeline
  • Modern Factfinding - The Protection Discussion
  • Modern Factfinding - The Protection Discussion
  • Protection Advising – Quantifying and the CIG in CIGAR
  • Overcoming Protection Selling Objections
  • How to Create Desire for Your Advice
  • Protection Opportunities Live Webinar

Week Eleven - Further Videos - Recorded Interview with a Protection Selling Expert

  • 1 Introducing our Expert
  • 2 How are you Successful?
  • 3 What are Your Beliefs?
  • 4 What Process do You Follow?
  • 5 Do You Work With Budgets?
  • 6. How Do You Position Yourself?
  • 7 How Do You Factfind for Protection?
  • 8 What Would Happen If…?
  • 9 Who Answers Your Questions?
  • 10 How Do You Discuss Health?
  • 11 How Do You Secure the Policy?
  • 12 How Do You Determine Cover?
  • 13 How Do You Prevent Online Buying?
  • 14 How Long Are Your Meetings?
  • 15 How do You Keep Them Engaged?
  • 16 Any Final Tips?
  • 17 What's Your Take on Selling?

Week Twelve - On-Going Adviser Skills and CPD

  • Assignment and Learning Plan for Week Twelve

Week Twelve – Further Videos - Managing Your Working Day

  • Are You Overheating?
  • BANJO your Time Management
  • To CRM or Not to CRM
  • Time Management in the Cloud
  • How to Clear Your Inbox
  • Coveys Time Management Grid
  • Minimising your Collection Points
  • Filling Your Funnel and KPIs
  • How to Do Unstructured CPD Properly

Week Twelve - Further Videos - Client Review and On-Going Advice

  • How to Run a Mortgage MOT
  • Freeing Mortgage Prisoners

Week Twelve – Further Videos - How to Succeed as a Mortgage Adviser in the 2020s

  • Qualifications, Skills, CAS and CPD
  • AR V DA, Networks, Compliance and Lenders
  • Client Acquisition, Prospecting And Personal Marketing
  • Goal Setting, Planning, Mojo Maintaining And Diversification
  • Tech, Automation And Embracing The Future
  • Building a Team, Upscaling Your Business
  • The Mortgage Adviser World Post Covid
  • Precisely What Is A Network
  • Why You Should Have a Goal of Being an IFA
  • Where are all the Trainee Mortgage Adviser roles?
  • Your Route to CAS
  • 4 Strategies for Handling the Economic Downturn 2022/23
  • 2 Further Strategies for Handling a Downturn in 2023
  • 2 Final Strategies for Handling a Downturn in 2023
  • Note to a Mortgage Adviser for Future Planning

Paul's Book - Mortgage Advising - The New Rules

  • Paul's Book - Complete Download

Try it Out for Free

Please look at the site as we have a couple of the lessons opened up for you to review. mortgage-adviser-development-programme

In addition, you can book a 45-minute face-to-face Zoom coaching meeting with Paul (value £125) to discuss any mortgage-related topic you wish.

Paul's Credentials

  • Began in the mortgage sector in 1983, - with 40 years of experience. Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach.
  • CeMAP qualified, Level 4 IFA qualified, equity release, supervisory qualified.
  • Author of various technical texts spanning all areas for both the CII and the LIBF and 9 published books, all available from Amazon.
  • All teams are also fully qualified and experienced.
  • Began teaching CeMAP in 1999, when it started, and trained thousands of students.
  • Founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd in 2001.
  • Working with dozens of banks, lenders, brokers and insurers in the UK and the world.

Your Managers Role

As their manager or business owner, you do have some responsibilities to make this work:

  • Provide on-going coaching support. This might be delegated to a coach in your business
  • Observe your adviser both under role-play or with real clients. Naturally, you'll be responsible for all the advice they give at this stage. Observe them against the complete sales advice process.
  • Manage the KPIs that you collate
  • Sign them off as competent when ready – Many firms take up to 3 months to do this. Hence our three-month period with the on-demand programme.
  • When they have reached CAS – provide them with on-going CPD.

If you wish, we can take care of this; contact Paul directly.


The investment allowing single personal video access is just £349, including VAT. We give you access to the portal for a year.

How to Enrol

Just click on the image button to enrol, and use your credit or debit card using our secure systems. Follow the instructions to register yourself directly onto our Learning Management System.

Alternatively, head straight to our Learning Management System page, where you can sign in for free, look at our on-demand courses at your leisure, and try it out to see if it fits. Go here


If you wish to purchase a bulk license, contact Paul via email for corporate discounts.