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CeMAP 1 Revision Guide - Version 2023/24


  • Online Book - £25.00 - immediate
  • Professionally Published Book - £39 to include P&P - takes 2 working days - (Out of Stock)
  •  23/24 Edition - online book automatically updated to 2024/2025 in August 2024

We have our CeMAP 1 Revision Guides available for you to buy right now. Newly updated for the new syllabus and refreshed to add that extra sparkle when revising for your CeMAPs.


The Revision Guide

Welcome to the home of our most popular and oldest product. Our CeMAP Revision Guides first saw the light in 2000, just as the CeMAP exam became popular. We produced them for our corporate clients when we trained their advisers. That was when these banks and building societies had branches on every High Street and thousands of staff.

The guide was packaged and sold to ordinary people who just wanted something new and easy to read to study CeMAP. The only alternative was the LIBF textbook, which was tricky for some at over 500 pages.

It was immediately a hit with people like you. The whole syllabus was covered but in an easy-to-understand format, with bullets, summaries, cartoons and a mix of humour. Quite unique.

Since then, we've sold thousands of copies, and it's our number one best seller.

People buy them for a variety of reasons. It's reasonably priced, easy to read, and available as an eBook or a physical one. Useful as revision after your course or study period. As a helpful update each year to keep abreast of issues.

We update the guide with new information annually and add articles to cover the syllabus changes. Everyone that buys the guide is put onto our Monday emailer that provides timely updates and commentary on the contemporary mortgage scene.

Summary of Features

  • 250 pages
  • Every topic has its own page rather than being spread over a cavernous chapter
  • Indexed at the front, so easy to pick a topic at will
  • Plenty of white space on the pages for notes etc
  • Bullets rather than long-winded paragraphs
  • Written in a lively style and very different from the leading textbook
  • Key topics covered rather than every single detail
  • Physical book or eBook
  • A 100 question test at the end to finish your revision – with answers.
  • Tables and aid memoirs summarising tricky aspects
  • Written by Paul Archer, a renowned mortgage author and consultant.

Free Trial

If you are like me, I like to see products before I buy, so I've arranged for you to be able to view a version of 25 pages from the CeMAP® 1 Revision Guide. This will give you a really good feel for the style of our Guides.

Head on over to our Learning Management Portal, sign in for free and access the trial version quickly.

Go here to check out the free 25 pages.


How to Order Your Copy

We have both the online book available and a physical book posted, which should arrive within 2 working days following your order. You will always receive the most up-to-date copy from us direct.

Physical Book - (Out of Stock)

We have book stocks here and will personally mail this out to you following your order. The price includes postage and packing (£8 in total). We send it tracked Royal Mail, so you'll know where it is, and they state 2 working days following your order.



Online Book

We have the online book on our Learning Management System  23/24 edition. This online portal allows you to access your guide anytime on any device. It'll be automatically updated in August with the 2024/2025 edition.

We have a web app for your phone, or you can read it from your tablet or laptop. Please kindly note we do not share the PDF anymore since we've struggled preventing people from illegally sharing these on social media for a number of years. Sorry.

You can have a printed book within a couple of working days if you prefer a paper copy. We have the most up-to-date versions in stock all the time. Click above here for the physical book.

Just click on the image link below, and you'll be whisked to our portal, where you can make payment with PayPal or Stripe, sign into the portal and read your guide in seconds.

Alternatively, head straight to our Learning Management System page, where you can sign in for free, look at our on-demand courses at your leisure, and try it out to see if it fits. Go here https://paularcher.thinkific.com





The Revision Guide, as with all our supporting material, is complementary to the main Textbook and will never replace the detail contained there. It was never written to reproduce the same text - that would serve no purpose. It does contain, however, bulleted summaries of the syllabus. These bullets are lighter in substance but retain the major points.