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CeMAP 1 Audio 2019/2020


  • MP3 Download £14.99 including VAT at 20%
  • Evergreen Edition in a zip file
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We held thirteen 45 minute teleseminars covering CeMAP® 1 Units 1 and 2.

The live calls involved an audience and Paul Archer talking about the topics and answering the occasional question.

And the best news is that we recorded each live call and you now have the opportunity to listen to them yourself.

All for the bargain price of £14.99. 

And you could be downloading the files right now to be enjoying today.

So if you have a spare 546 minutes, you can now also listen into the live recordings and brush up on your unit trusts, your stakeholder pensions and your Capital gains tax.

That's just over £1.60 for one hour of CeMAP® from an industry expert with 30 years' experience.

So what did we cover:

Week Subject
1 UK Financial Services Industry. Income Tax - 40 minutes
2 Other taxes - IHT, CGT, National Insurance - 40 minutes
3 Economic aspects and savings products - 40 minutes
4 Fixed interest products, Gilts, Bonds - 40 minutes
5 Collectives - unit trusts, OEICs, Investment Trusts - 34 minutes
6 Life Assurance, with profits and endowments - 43 minutes
7 Insurance products, life, health, general, pensions - 50 minutes
8 Mortgages and giving financial advice - 42 minutes
9 Legal aspects - 33 minutes
10 FCA Regulation and Principles - 39 minutes
11 Regulating and Authorising Firms - 53 minutes
12 Conduct of Business Rules and Consumer Credit - 43 minutes
13 Complaints, Money Laundering, Data Protection - 50 minutes

That's 546 minutes of live audio, which you can listen to anywhere.

And if you order today we'll throw in a 45 minute live teleseminar recording containing dozens of hints and tips when taking your CeMAP® exams.

Free Trial

If you are like me, then I like to listen to things or try them out before I buy them.  So I've laid on a short (3 minute) excerpt of one of the recordings that you can listen to right now to appreciate what you're getting.

Right click here to download the MP3 file trial.

How to Buy Immediately?

When you’ve made your mind up to buy the MP3 files, you can download them now in high quality.

Remember the whole collection gives you almost 546 minutes of CeMAP®.  It might just be the best investment you ever made.

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We recommend you download the zip file from a laptop or PC and then synchronise with your device. Apple products - iPhones, iPads - sometimes struggle to download zip files, so if you want to do this, email us as soon as you have difficulty and we'll email a word file containing links to the individual Mp3 files.

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