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CeMAP 2 Podcast Series 2023/2024


  • Immediate Access
  • £29.99 including VAT at 20%
  • Evergreen Edition - 2023/24
  • Plus Protection recordings for new 2023/24 Syllabus

We held ten teleseminars covering CeMAP® 2.

The live calls involved an audience and Paul Archer talking about the topics and answering the occasional question.

And the best news is that we recorded each live call and you now have the opportunity to listen to them yourself.  Newly checked for the tax year 2023/24, these are "evergreen" recordings.

All for the bargain price of £29.99 

So if you have a spare 622 minutes, you can now also listen into the live recordings and brush up on your Legal Charge, Chancel Repair Indemnity Insurance or your re-possession proceedings

That's just over £2 for one hour of CeMAP® from an industry expert with 40 years' experience.

So what did we cover:

Week Subject
1 Mortgages and Regulation – 43 minutes       
2 Mortgage Conduct of Business Rules – 39 minutes
3 Legal Aspects of Property – 42 minutes
4 Conveyancing, Property Defects and the Mortgage Market – 48 Minutes
5 Mortgage Applications – Assessing the Applicant and the Property – 50 mins
6 Additional Security, Mortgage Deeds, Offers and Insurance – 40 minutes
7 Mortgage Repayment Methods and Protection – 61 minutes
8 Mortgage Products – 47 minutes
9 Post Completion Matters – 43 minutes

That's 622 minutes of live audio, which you can listen to anywhere. Plus we have more for you.

The LIBF have "beefed" up the syllabus for CeMAP 2 to include much of their new Protection Qualification Exam. 4 extra chapters have been added to the book so we've included in your download, 5 additional MP3 files covering:

Session Subject Duration
2 State Benefits  41 Mins
6 Income Protection Insurance  51 Mins
7 Critical Illness Insurance  38 Mins
9 General Insurance Protection Plans  43 Mins
11 Factfinding and Quantifying Needs  36 Mins
    209 Mins

How to Buy Immediately

We've made this new product available on our Learning Management System to purchase for £29.99. There you can log in and listen to the recordings at your leisure on any device. It's really easy.

Want to Test it Out First?

Head over to our Learning Management System here - https://paularcher.thinkific.com sign up for free and have a listen to a recording. If you like what you hear, you can purchase on the site and listen to the whole series straightaway. Plus we have a special price if you want to buy all three collections.

Corporate Licenses

Likewise if you want these for your salesteam or learning system, contact Paul directly and he can advise corporate licenses.