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Paul Archer's Mortgage Adviser Role-Play Assessment Workshop

  • An online workshop designed to let you see advising in action and have a go yourself with expert guidance and coaching

  • £500 but a discount of 20% available to Members of our Database bringing the cost down to £400 including VAT

Why This Might be Right For You?

  • You’re fully CeMAP qualified, and have read up or studied the skills of being a mortgage adviser. You’ve seen various sales processes and decided how your meetings are going to go with your clients.
  • You might even have observed some advisers in action and are now ready to have a go yourself before your Principal assesses you.
  • You see your Principal (firm, network, broker who are going to give you CAS) now need to assess your capability against their standards. Their standards are set out in their Training and Competence Scheme in the form of checklists and playbooks.
  • They will probably want to see you in action with a number of mortgage clients, probably aiming to observe and assess you on all parts of the meeting. When you pass they’ll award you their CAS. Only they can do this.
  • If they have time, they’ll also let you role-play in front of them. Some do, many don’t, since they lack time and resources. Most Principals just focus on compliance aspects as opposed to skills of communication and advising. Again, since they are often time starved.
  • We can help you prepare for the assessment by letting you practise under the guidance of an expert coach. Hence our workshop which is heavily skills focussed as well as compliant with MCOB rules.

The Online Programme Format

Spread over 6 x 2 hour online sessions for 3 people max “Moments of Truth” will be role-played and coached which form the spine of the mortgage adviser meetings.

Each “Moment of Truth” will be coached using EDIC:

  • Explain – Paul will explain how the section of the meeting works, the process and steps and the key skills involved. He may refer to the Bootcamp and Academy that covers the area
  • Demonstrate – Paul will then provide a demo of the segment and you can use the checklists provided to unpack the demo
  • Imitate – now your opportunity, in turn, to role-play the segment yourself
  • Coach – Paul (and the other two attendees) will offer feedback. Paul is a qualified and expert Training and Competence Supervisor.

Following your coaching, you’ll have the opportunity of role-playing it again to improve. With further action points to put into practice.

At the end of your 6 part role-play, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion to demonstrate your skill.

The "Moments of Truth" Role-Play Sessions

  1. The First Ten Minutes – Rapport, FCA Status, qualifying, client goals and fee disclosure
  2. The “How Much Can I Borrow” Meeting – Costs, budget, affordability engine use, DIP issued
  3. Factfind #1 – Identified mortgage needs
  4. Factfind #2 – Protection needs and commitment
  5. The Solution Presentation – mortgage and protection options, disclosure and KFIs, advising next steps
  6. Referrals – sowing the seed in the First Ten Mins, the value conversation in the Mortgage Offer call and Taking the Introduction during the Post Completion call

CAPLO and T&C Schemes

Many will take you on as a trainee and train/coach you to CAS – Competent Adviser Status, but this is horrendously expensive and takes time. There's a lot to learn beyond CeMAP. Here's a video of Paul explaining his CAPLO system, which shows you precisely what you have to learn. It's on YouTube here:


Naturally, these networks will charge you a Princely Sum for this CAS training, and they should be too. They range from £250 to £300 per month, plus a large slice of any proc fees, and it could take up to 4 to 6 months.

How It Works

Every month, starting in December 2021, Paul will run a 6 session Workshop and will invite just 3 people to attend. Just 3 people each month so you get personal coaching and support. Its exclusive.

The dates for delivery are all in Weeks beginning:

  • 2022 January 17th - Full
  • 2022 February 14th
  • 2022 March 14th

The Mortgage Advisory Skills Online Bootcamp

  • Can be seen here
  • You get three months' access as part of the Workshop enrolment. So if you're a little rusty on the skills and processes and haven't attended our Academy, this is idea for you to get the most from your role-plays.
  • The Portal is at https://paularcher.thinkific.com/ have a look and see what you think. You can see the content in more detail and whether the system works on your device.

Want to talk to Paul Now

  • We understand that you may want to talk to Paul, maybe to ask a question or just confirm that he's alive and kicking. He's very busy so has made his diary available for you to automatically book a 10 minute Zoom Call.
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Your Investment

  • For a limited time only, Paul is opening up his Workshop to just 3 people each month.
  • Your investment will be just £500 but a limited special offer will available to Paul's Membership (you know you're on this because you receive regular emails from Paul each week) announced on the inclusive webinars, including VAT. The discount is a whopping 20% but only to members. That's £400 including VAT
  • You can sign onto our Membership, for free, on this website, to the right.

How to Enrol On Line

  1. Have a good read of the Terms and Conditions by clicking here

  2. Enrol using the secure arrangements below, using your debit or credit card. Click the box below and follow the instructions to pay on line.