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DipFA Support - Coursework Online Workshops

What is DipFA®?

The LIBF's qualification for financial advisers who wish to enhance their prospects by demonstrating a higher level of knowledge and skills. All parts of the DipFA® are accredited at Level 4 in the National Qualifications Framework.

The DipFA®

  • is a challenging and relevant programme of study that builds on existing expertise and qualifications and reflects what advisers actually do
  • registered with Ofqual in the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF). Meets the Financial Conduct Authority's (FCA) examination standards
  • enhances knowledge in core areas such as regulation, investment principles, risk, taxation and personal financial planning
  • uses real-life scenarios to develop the essential skills to apply this technical knowledge in practice
  • is achievable within nine months assuming you have already completed a relevant benchmark Level 3 qualification

Studying for the DipFA®

The level of DipFA® is reflected in the complexity of the technical knowledge and the mix of application and communication skills that is required for successful completion. It is a challenging and intensive programme of study that equates to over 300 hours of guided learning undertaken over a nine-month period. Study and assessment comprises three elements:

Unit 1 Element 1 - Financial Services Regulation and Ethics (FSRE)

  • The initial period of study is oriented towards completion of the FSRE element, which assesses knowledge and understanding of the broader financial services environment and the specific issue of assessing risk within customer advice scenarios.
  • Assessment of the FSRE element will take place from month three and will be an electronic objective test, available at over 150 test centres nationwide or at home, with confirmation of the results provided on the day.
  • The pass mark is 70% for the objective assessment.

Unit 2 - Element 2 - The Coursework

  • The second element is the completion of the Advanced Financial Advice coursework assignment, in month seven, designed to test technical knowledge and its application.
  • Section 1: Main Written Task – With a maximum word count of 4,000 words (with a maximum of 75 marks). The content portion carries 60 marks, while 15 marks are allocated for assessing communication and presentation style. The main task necessitates the inclusion of a Reference List when incorporating direct quotations or paraphrasing.
  • Section 2: Four Short Answer Questions (10, 5, 5, and 5 marks, totaling 25 marks). No bibliography is necessary for these questions.
  • The pass mark is 50% for the coursework and examination.

Unit 2 - Element 3 - The Final Exam

  • The third and final element, is a three-hour written (typed) examination combining knowledge, understanding and application of both units.
  • It will be based on a realistic, real-life scenario that reflects what advisers need to do to provide added value to their customers in terms of detailed, technically appropriate advice delivered in language accessible to consumers.
  • Six weeks before the exam the LIBF will issue a factfind on which the examination questions will be based.
  • Students will be expected to formulate a report showing detailed analysis and recommendations.
  • The pass mark is 50% for the examination.

Studying for DipFA® with Archer Training Ltd

Would you like professional support to guide you through DipFA? If you like the structure of classroom-based learning, but also need the flexibility of studying from home then choosing these live online workshops as an additional study resource gives you the best of both worlds.

Small class sizes allow you to benefit from an interactive style of learning. You will be able to join in with discussions with your class and get live feedback from Paul from the comfort of wherever you choose.

Plus you'll be enrolled on our learning portal where you can access recordings of all the live Zoom sessions and ask questions to the group and Paul.

DipFA Coursework Workshops

Support from Paul Archer comprises four x 2-hour online workshops delivered over a two-month period. The onus is on you to research and complete the assignments and short questions. We facilitate you to do this. Guiding you with ideas, examples, and technical input along the way. Other DipFA students will join you and be encouraged to discuss and debate content and style.

Paul has been working with groups on the DipFA coursework since the exam started in 2009 and can enable you to succeed. Please be crystal clear, though, that you'll need to do the research, collation, and creation of the coursework assignment with us, and we are not there to critique your final work, guide you and help you along the journey to completing it. This is important.

We space the 2-hour workshops over two months to give you plenty of time to work between sessions. Committing to attend over two months helps you appreciate the required depth of study and stops people from leaving it until the last minute.

The sessions will be recorded and put onto the learning portal, which you can access from day one. The portal will include other handouts and helpful information to aid you with the coursework.

  • A suggested structure for the preparation and presentation of your assignment
  • An explanation of how marks are allocated.
  • A step-by-step road map which explains each stage of the assignment
  • Examples of how to reference your material in the text and the reference list
  • Case study examples
  • A valuable set of websites for you to research
  • Practical ideas for preparing your answers to the four short answer questions
  • LIBF notes on how to submit your coursework.

Zoom Session 1 - Assignment Intro and Planning

  • Coursework Objective
  • The Assignment and "Shorts" – Discussed
  • Rules & Requirements for Coursework – Metrics
  • Plan Next 8 Weeks
  • Resources and Study Plan – Reference collation
  • ChatGPT and Turnitin

Zoom Session 2 – Research and Referencing

  • Review progress
  • Share resources
  • Referencing and Citations
  • Planning out the assignment - discussion
  • Reviewing exemplars
  • Audience analysis for assignment
  • Review "short" questions – technical aspects

Zoom Session 3 - Case Studies and Proofing

  • Review progress
  • Case Study Construction Tips
  • Review "Shorts"
  • Proofing and Plagiarism
  • Submission Similarity Reports and Turnitin
  • Deadlines

Zoom Session 4 – Final Review

  • Review progress
  • Discuss Coursework Submissions
  • Online Sharing of Finished Coursework
  • Online Sharing of "Shorts" Answers
  • Deadlines and Next Steps

You will be expected to appear with full camera and audio to get involved and gain the maximum advantage of a small, interactive group.

Please select the appropriate coursework to attend. The LIBF run three a year, and each workshop is tailored to your specific coursework assignment.

The investment for the four sessions plus recordings will be £295, including VAT.

How to Enrol Online

  1. Have a good read of the Terms and Conditions by clicking here
  2. Email Paul to make sure there are spaces on your chosen cohort - paul@paularcher.com
  3. Just click on the button below to enrol, use your credit or debit card using our secure systems.

Please note, you’ll also need to pay The London Institute of Banking & Finance registration fees to complete your qualification. You’ll find more details on The London Institute of Banking & Finance registration and their fees on their website.

Do book early as we're limiting the number of delegates to 8 per cohort to ensure maximum interaction and online learning.    

Paul Explains


Your Tutor

  • Paul's credentials:

    • Began in the mortgage sector in 1983 - 39 years' experience. Mortgage Adviser, Financial Adviser, Manager, Consultant, Trainer and Coach.
    • CeMAP qualified, Level 4 IFA qualified, R01, R05, ER1, protection, equity release, supervisory qualified.
    • Author of a myriad of technical texts spanning all areas for both the CII and the LIBF.
    • All team are also fully qualified and experienced.
    • Began teaching FPCs, AFPC, R0 exams in the 1990s, trained thousands of students.
    • Founder and Managing Director of Archer Training Ltd in 2001
    • Working with dozens of banks, lenders, brokers and insurers in the UK and the world.
  • Watch Paul in action on his YouTube Channel by going here. His LinkedIn Profile can be found here

After Passing the Exam?

Paul will provide further assistance in your journey to become a financial adviser. Paul can guide you on your self employed or employed positions via our trusted partners.

If you want more information, email Paul Archer